GU10 AYSO Field Crews


The AYSO GU10 Field Crew is the result of the Costa Girls Soccer Mentor program. During the Fall AYSO season, Costa players volunteer their homework time to share their skills & passion for soccer with Region 18 AYSO GU10 players & coaches. Each participating Costa player was assigned a specific GU10 team and took breaks from their studies to attend their


As a Ball Girl, girls will be able to join the pre-game team huddle, help grab balls during the game, and sit with the team at halftime. In addition, all Ball Girls will receive a Mira Costa Girls Soccer t-shirt. Girls can sign up with their AYSO teammates or other friends, or come on their own.

To sign up to be a Ball Girl, please email Paulette O’Hara.


GU10 team’s practices and games as a Soccer Mentor. A variety of benefits was acquired by all those involved with this Mentor program, not to mention Costa Head Coach Patty Perkinson who is looking forward to seeing some of these skilled young players joining Costa’s Girls Soccer teams in a short 5-6 years from now!

As thanks for all the Costa players’ dedication & time, a number of GU10 teams have volunteered their time & energy to help out the Varsity & Jr. Varsity teams during a number of their Costa home games as a Costa Girls Soccer Field Crew. The Field Crews chase down out of play soccer balls while watching their team’s mentor & her team in some great soccer action. A highlight of the Field Crew’s hard work has been congratulating their team’s Mentor & her Costa teammates on their well-played game & joining them on the field for the post-game handshake with the opposing players!

The Mira Costa Girls Soccer Boosters & Mira Costa Girls Soccer wish to extend a heartfelt thank-you to all those who supported & are involved in the success of this program. In particular the AYSO GU10 Field Crews, the Costa players & coaches, the AYSO players & coaches, Costa Head Coach Patty Perkinson, Participant Recruiter Chris Tuffli & Coordinator Olivia Tuffli, Booster President Pennie Stepczyk, and AYSO Region 18 Commissioner.

Great Job Field Crews!!!