Girls soccer ties with Marina 1-1

Mira Costa’s girls soccer team tied with Marina High School 1-1 away at Marina on Tuesday. Freshman Rachel Rosen led the team by scoring Costa’s only goal of the game.

Costa scored in the early minutes of the first half, however Marina answered with a goal of its own not long after. For the remainder of the game neither side was able to take the advantage. According to Rosen, the team is still getting learning how to play well together but it will get better as the season progresses.

“It is early in the season and our team is beginning to get to know each other a lot better,” Rosen said. “We have already begun to work together really well and improve in many areas of our game and it is has been very successful for us.”

The Mustangs, now 2-0-1 overall, will host Lawndale High School on Wednesday at Waller Stadium. According to Rosen, Lawndale will be a good warm up game before they head to the South tournament over the weekend.

“Lawndale will be a good warm up game before we head into the South tournament this weekend,” Rosen said. “We have been training hard for the past month and hopefully it will show in our next game and in the tournament this weekend.”

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