Varsity keeps ball moving against Inglewood with a 7-0 win


JAN 19, 2016

Mira Costa at Inglewood
One of those games where you know the outcome before the game is played. The level of play
between these 2 teams is just to far apart. The Inglewood High School team fields mostly recreational players, out there to have fun while the Mustangs have some of the most talented club players in the South Bay. How much fun a game like this is for either side, very questionable. Mira Costa starts and plays throughout the game with 7 field players and a goalie. Also resting most of its starters for the day. Here are the highlights:
8 minute Emi Farber scores from 30 yards out upper right corner. Just 50 seconds later the next goal by number 9 Michaila Franklin. Goal number 3 after a nice cross by Delaney Kluth and Michaila Franklin with a header(16 min). 3 minutes later another goal by a full of energy Emi Farber of a through pass by Delaney Kluth. In the 25th minute Delaney gets herself on the scoreboard by reacting first to a loose ball in the box. Then it is Emma Lindberg making it 6:0 in the 31st minute. Last goal of the first half, Alyson Roth outruns 2 opponents and finishes with a blast, 7:0 halftime.
Mira Costa comes out and tries to keep the ball moving while not really going for the kill. At times very challenging on a field in very poor condition. So not to much to report in the second half. The Mustangs concentration was slowly fading in a game already decided. One more score so in the 39 minute, another nice cross by Delaney Kluth and a 6 yard finish by Emma Lindberg. That’s all there is to report on this one, besides maybe that the referee was awesome, at an age where others have retired a long time ago still out there loving the game and doing his part.