Tough home loss for the Mustangs in their Bay League opener to PV 0-1

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A tough home loss for the Mustangs in their Bay League opener against Palos Verdes. After a hard fought game it was the Sea Kings Janessa Groves that scored the days lone goal off a cross by Jessica Lazo. Despite the fact that the Mustangs controlled most of play and possession they had a hard time to get in front of the Sea Kings goal today. Palos Verdes defended well with 2 rows of 4 and waited for the occasional break away chance to come. An ugly game with a lot of interruptions due to foul play kept the Mustangs from playing their usual “joga bonita” .
These are the high lights: First good play for Mira Costa in the 2nd minute by Delaney Whittet but her shot just wide. Then in the 23rd minute again Delaney Whittet with a low shot from 18 yards but saved by Notre Dame commit and stand out goalie Brooke Littmann. What followed was a lot of midfield play without creating many chances or scoring opportunities on both sides of the field.
Second half the Mustangs still the dominant team on the field but now the Sea Kings with the occasional forward play and shot towards the Mira Costa goal. In the 16th minute a cross from the right, a tap in by Janessa Groves and surprisingly the Sea Kings take the lead. A wake up call for Costa and the Mustangs eager to get on the scoreboard. In the way stands a hard defending and deep standing Palos Verdes team. In the 25th minute a nice flick by Emelie Flaig to Michaila Franklin but her shot just wide. 27th minute, a shot by Hanna Watkins but a good yard over the crossbar. A last tactical adjustment towards the end of the game by the Mira Costa bench. A hard working Mady Emerson gets a rest and Costa plays now with only 3 defenders while adding another forward. Despite these late efforts the Sea Hawks defense stays stern and saves the marginal lead to the final whistle. On Friday afternoon it will be another challenging game for Mira Costa at Peninsula 3:00 p.m.