Tournament play: Important dates and news (mark your calendars)

ANY PLAYER can be asked to play with ANY team (regardless of the team level) for any of the tournaments listed below during the soccer season.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS, and plan accordingly!

When you make MCHS girls soccer, you are part of the program, therefore it is expected that each player participate toward the benefit of the whole program — even if it means playing down a level.

NOTE the tournament dates:

Varsity tournament:

December 15, 17, 22 (Saturday, Monday, Saturday)

JV tournament:

December 28,29 (Friday, Saturday)

F/S tournament:

December 8, 15 (Saturday, Saturday)

Varsity Practice:

January 3-5, 2019

CIF Playoffs:

February 5 (WC), 7, 12, 15,19, 22-23 (finals)