Varsity takes 3rd Place in South Holiday Tournament

Redondo – Mira Costa 12.14.15 6:00 p.m.
It was the 3rd place game of the South Torrance Tournament, Mira Costa against neighboring Redondo. A cold evening and we all had to get our winter jackets out of the closet J The Mustangs started in a 4-4-2 formation with Jordan Martin in goal, Caroline Keever, Mady Emerson, Genevieve Watkins and Olivia Vega in defense. Viviana Villacorta and Hanna Watkins as the 2 center midfielders with Kendall Douglas and Allison Roth playing wide. Starting on top where Delaney Whittet and Emelie Flaig. From the beginning a lot of attacking play from both sides with a pretty even amount of ball possession. You could sense that both teams came out to win this old South Bay rivalry. Just minutes in, an unintentional foul on Genevieve Watkins with a high foot in the face that needed some attention by the coaches. By then strong winds where in favor of the Redondo attack, helping the Sea Hawks to get the upper hand in this game. In the 30th minute a 25 yard shot by Redondo’s no 7 that finds the upper right corner of the net. The score stays 1:0 for Redondo until the end of the first half.
There must have been a good pep talk in the Mira Costa corner at half time. From the 1st minute on the Mustangs came out flying, putting the Redondo defense under tremendous pressure. Genevieve Watkins, back on the field in the beginning of the second half, was moving now more into a midfield position and supporting her sister Hanna and Viv Villacorta with good runs down the pitch. In the 3rd minute then a pass from Kendall Douglas to Delaney Whittet that somehow finds Viviana Villacorta. Viv with some quick moves into the box, a shot passed the charging goalkeeper and the score is 1:1. Throughout the whole second half we see really good ball distribution by the Costa players. Quick ball movement and the willingness to support the player with ball has the Mustangs in control and puts the Sea Hawks on their heels. It was just a matter of time until the Mustangs will score again. So in the 17th minute, a good run through the middle by Genevieve Watkins with a pass to Michaila Franklin. Michaila turns and times her pass well to Delaney Whittet whom finds herself in a one on one with the goalkeeper. Delaney goes past the goalie and it is 2:1 for the Mustangs. The next goal then in the 34th minute, foul on Viviana Villacorta in the box, the ref calls a penalty and Kendall Douglas steps up to make it 3:1 Mira Costa. The game finished with some exciting moments in front of the Costa goal that forced Nicole Raventos into making some good saves. 5 Minutes of added time but the score stands and it is a strong Tournament finish for the Mustangs.