April 16, 2021 vs. Santa Monica HS JV team

Game Time: 3:30 PM
Opponent: Santa Monica HS JV team
Location: John Adams Middle School, Santa Monica (Directions via Google Maps)
Result: Win (2-1)
Additional info:

NOTE: Since SAMO is not fielding a F/S team this year, our Costa F/S and JV teams are taking turns playing against SAMO's JV team.


  • Spectators have typically watched from outside the fence along 17th St and Ocean Park Blvd.  That said, there is considerably more room around the field on the JAMS campus than there is at SAMOHI.  Either way tell your people to bring their beach chairs and I’m sure everyone that wants to will be able to watch the FS/JV game.
  • Restrooms are located approximately 100 yards from the campus entry just on the other side of the north soccer field. Restrooms face the fields along the academic buildings on the right-hand side.